Considered practical by some and hideous by others, the notch on smartphones is a facility adopted by a growing number of manufacturers since 2017 to integrate the various sensors and cameras of the device. However, fashion could run out of steam and give way to a new generation of notchless phones.

Smartphone with or without notch: what are we talking about?

The notch, or “notch” in English, designates a recess that nibbles part of the bottom or – more often – the top of the screen. This part of the device is used in particular to accommodate the front camera or various components such as the light and proximity sensor.

The notch is a technical solution adopted by manufacturers to increase the available screen surface, without increasing the size of the device. Thus, and contrary to what one might think, a smartphone without notch has a smaller screen surface than its equivalent with notch. Nevertheless, this recess which seems to encroach on the screen is considered unsightly by many users.

Smartphones without notch: which models and manufacturers?

While some manufacturers have chosen to follow the path taken by Apple with its iPhone X in 2017, many others have preferred to remain faithful to the screen without notch or return to it fairly quickly. Samsung, in particular, has never given up on its original design, and the range of Galaxy devices therefore continues to offer a very rectangular and notch-free surface.

Xiaomi, for its part, has not adopted this solution either and is creative, for example with the MI Mix 2S, whose screen has been completely deprived of edges thanks to an intelligent positioning of the sensors and cameras. Let’s also mention the models offered by OPPO and Vivo, including the OPPO Find X, or the latest generations of Sony Xperia. In other words, there’s plenty to choose from if you’re allergic to notch!

Smartphone without notch: the future of the market?

Even notch builders present this design as a temporary fix and transitional technology. In the long term, the objective is to do without a notch entirely while maximizing the surface of the screen, for example by concealing some of the sensors under the slab or by resorting to an ever more efficient miniaturization of certain components.

The characteristic notches of this generation of mobiles could therefore quickly become a curiosity!

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