Orange will invest 24 million until the end of 2022 in five new data processing centers

Orange will invest 24 million until the end of 2022 in five new data processing centers

The operator has just inaugurated a first installation in Santander, but plans to extend this model to Salamanca, Orense, León, Cáceres and Almería due to the deployment of 5G and the promotion of XGSPONG

The data economy is increasingly a palpable reality and the main telecommunications operators such as Orange are already making significant investments in Spain. Specifically, the telecom company run by Jean François Fallacher, given the deployment of 5G and technologies such as XGSPON fiber with which it already offers symmetrical 10 Gbps speeds, has announced that it will invest an amount of 24 million euros until the end of 2022 in the opening of five new data processing centers (CPD) . To which should be added the recently opened in Santander (Cantabria), in which it has already invested 4 million euros. The teleco has a total of 170 CPDs throughout Spain.

As the company has reported in a statement, the new Data Centers will be located in Salamanca , Orense, León, Cáceres and Almería. All this will serve to prepare its technical centers against the strong growth in data traffic that is expected with the deployment of 5G and XGSPON fiber .

All this, ensuring that these centers have all the guarantees of data protection and cybersecurity. In addition, the telco has explained that efficiency is sought “in line with the objectives of energy sustainability.”

But, what exactly is a CPD or Data Processing Center ? As the operator has explained, it is a large space or room, it can even occupy an entire building in which a large amount of computer equipment is concentrated for the processing of all the information that an organization needs to carry out its activity. In this sense, from Orange they have explained that “almost any company that handles digital data has one or more CPDs”.

From the operator they have justified their intention to expand the number and size of their Data Processing Centers in which the volume of data will continue to increase in the future due to the generalization of 5G in mobile and technologies such as XGSPON in fiber. In this sense, they have pointed out that the peak of total internet traffic (fixed plus mobile) was 45% at the end of 2020. All this, while in the first part of the year, mobile traffic has continued to grow up to 47%, surpassing even the 2020 marks with greater Covid restrictions.

Orange has also reaffirmed its commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 , in accordance with the commitment made within the ‘Engage 2025’ strategic plan.