A prepaid SIM card frees you from any commitment and allows you or your children to set a well-defined budget for telephone calls, text messages and mobile Internet. But where to buy a prepaid SIM card? Be careful to make the distinction between the card itself and the top-ups!

To buy a prepaid SIM card

Most major operators offer and market prepaid, non-binding SIM cards, which are associated with a telephone line and a certain amount of rechargeable credit. The La Poste Mobile prepaid card, for example, comes with €10 of credit so that its purchaser can make a call without wasting a second.

Prepaid SIM cards, like cards associated with a plan, can be found in operator shops or, in the case of a La Poste Mobile SIM card, in one of the approximately 10,000 post offices dotted around the French territory.

There are several marketing methods. You can thus acquire a prepaid SIM card with a complete kit, which also contains a new telephone as well as a first recharge. If you already have a smartphone and want to continue using it, however, you can settle for a simple prepaid card with a top-up.

To top up a prepaid SIM card

Once the credit has expired, prepaid cards normally offer you the possibility of buying a refill, more or less important according to your needs: at La Poste Mobile, refills range from €5 valid for 5 days to €30 valid for 45 days, not counting any promotional bonuses.

SIM card recharges can also be purchased from your operator, as well as in many other places: a prepaid card recharge can notably be found at the local tobacconist, or in press points and supermarkets. There is also often an online prepaid card option to buy your refills directly on the Internet, and by bank card. With a La Poste Mobile prepaid card, it is finally possible to recharge directly from your customer profile, with automatic inclusion in your next invoice.

How to make savings?

Where to buy a prepaid SIM card at the best price? For the same card, you will sometimes have the possibility of finding different recharge rates, in particular if you take advantage of certain exceptional offers or if you accumulate loyalty points. It’s up to you to look for the best conditions if you find that the credit is at the limit of exhaustion!