Selling your phone, an obstacle course? On the contrary, you will be spoiled for choice to obtain the recovery of an iPhone or an Android smartphone in the best conditions! Several solutions are available to you, including individual-to-individual resale, in-store trade-in and specialized online platforms.

Individual-to-individual phone buy-back

When it comes to reselling their phone, many people spontaneously turn to online classifieds sites and hope to find a buyer there at the best price. The principle is particularly simple: precisely describe the model of your mobile, find the corresponding sheet and add your ad by setting the price yourself. It is important to be realistic about the price charged, otherwise you will not find a buyer.

Some well-known sites such as Le Bon Coin are free and do not charge any commission on the proceeds of the sale, but offer no guarantee in return. Other sites will require you to give up part of the amount received, but include tracking and insurance.

The recovery of your old mobile in store or in your post office

Reselling your phone to another individual is often a tedious and time-consuming task, for a sum that does not always justify this effort. This is why it may be more interesting to opt for a recovery of the smartphone in store. All carriers will agree to offer you a price in exchange for your old laptop if you buy a new device from them.

La Poste Mobile goes further and allows you to resell your old mobile very simply by going to one of the 4,700 post offices in the territory. Your adviser will give you a trade-in price. If the amount suits you, all you have to do is issue a free transfer voucher and leave your device at the counter. You will then receive your payment by check directly at home and in a few days!

Phone reselling platforms

To resell an iPhone or another type of smartphone, another quick and easy solution is to go to one of the many web platforms that have specialized in buying back a phone. These professional wholesalers will offer you a price that is generally less attractive than in the context of a private individual sale, but you will benefit in return from a quick transaction without endless negotiations. A choice to consider if you are especially in a hurry to get rid of the phone.