It is no longer so uncommon for a child to demand their own mobile phone at a very early age. So should we crack and offer a mobile phone at 8 or 9 years old, or even earlier? La Poste Mobile presents all the criteria to remember to properly select a mobile for children.

Why buy a mobile phone for a child?

From the point of view of the youngest, the acquisition of a real children’s smartphone is of obvious interest: the device is considered the precious sesame that will allow him to better integrate into his circle of friends, to open up doors of the world and to always keep in touch.

But parents too can have an interest in giving in and offering a child’s phone. The features of the latest generation devices can be particularly useful for contacting the child in the event of a problem, for geolocating him with a simple movement of the finger or for monitoring his activity.

The criteria for selecting a laptop for children

In terms of mobile for children, most parents who have had an unfortunate experience will recommend the same thing to you: do not opt ​​for the latest model at more than 500 or 600 €! Even ultra-connected, a child remains a child and will tend to be clumsy or not take care of his business: his first phones will generally have a very short lifespan, so it is better to choose a phone from entry-level, despite her tears of rage.

A good mobile plan for children, meanwhile, must be blocked to avoid overcharging and can usefully integrate several unlimited numbers… starting with yours!

The interface and the operating system must integrate essential functionalities such as the geolocation of the device, and offer by default or for download a powerful parental control app, which will allow you to block inappropriate content or limit viewing times. your child’s use of the phone.

What smartphone for children at La Poste Mobile 

At La Poste Mobile, a specialist in competitive plans for the whole family, devices such as the Nokia 3, the Wiko Sunny 2 or the Alcatel U5 allow you to easily provide your child with a user-friendly, accessible and very reliable mobile phone.