An unfortunate or clumsy gesture, and here is an unsightly scratch that settles on your smartphone screen right in the middle of your field of vision! How to remove scratches on a phone? Here are some tips that should help you a lot and give your screen a facelift.


No, this is not an urban legend. The paste taken from your tube of toothpaste actually has the power to reduce or make completely invisible a micro scratch on a smartphone screen. Provided of course to do things properly! Start by masking or covering with adhesive tape the areas of the telephone that could be damaged by the process (in particular all the connectors and the ports), then apply the toothpaste in small touches by depositing it beforehand on a cotton swab, or possibly a cloth which you will have made sure of the cleanliness.

To erase the scratch, all you have to do is rub and massage the product gently on the screen, favoring circular movements. After a while, you should no longer see the scratch. Clean with a soft, waterless cloth.

Talc, baking soda, oil… Grandma’s recipes

Another rather effective and inexpensive solution to remove a scratch on a screen is to get baking soda powder. The principle is the same as for toothpaste. You will first have to form a thick and consistent paste by mixing, in a bowl or any other container, two thirds of baking soda for one third of water. Apply with a clean cloth, rub gently and in a circle, and clean once the crack has subsided. If you don’t have baking soda, the same technique works great with talc, which you’ll also need to mix with water first.

Finally, a few drops of vegetable oil can also do the trick and solidify inside the crack to remove a scratch. You will not have to delay then to rinse with clear water to eliminate the surplus.

Kit for windshield

If you have a maintenance or renovation kit for your vehicle, and in particular a solution to apply for small cracks in the windshield or the headlights, know that the same product can often work wonders as that erases scratches on a touch screen! Read the conditions of use of the product, and apply a very small dose on the scratch to make it disappear. That’s it !