Even packages with unlimited calls and SMS do not protect you from overcharging, for example in the event of a call to a special number or the sending of a surcharged SMS. Subscribing to a low-cost blocked package, such as the 2 hour blocked 100MB SIM package at €6.99/month, then provides very valuable security. We tell you everything!

With a fixed pass, no overspending possible!

Blocked packages, as their name suggests, have the particularity of becoming unusable once you have reached the monthly quota of call and/or SMS hours… which does not mean that you will be without resources! Even after exhaustion, a blocked mobile plan still lets you receive calls and SMS. You will also always have the ability to call your voicemail or emergency numbers, such as 112. Finally, it is possible to anticipate the exhaustion of a blocked 4G package quite easily since you will be notified by a series of text messages. (at 80% of the use of your package, at La Poste Mobile). In the worst case, finally, the purchase of a top-up (100MB for €2 or 500MB for €5 at La Poste Mobile) for a few euros is never excluded.

These different characteristics make these packages the dream choice for parents to equip their children. The fixed plan for teenagers has the merit of avoiding many family disputes following an exploding bill, and of making the young person responsible for his consumption of call hours and data.

A carryover of unused credit

The blocked phone package knows how to be generous with the most far-sighted users, since most operators offer an automatic carryover of unused credit for the following month. Be careful, however: the volume of this carryover is generally capped and you will therefore still lose if you do not consume most of your package on time.

Deferral is a virtuous mechanism that can motivate young people to discipline themselves: unused credit becomes a bonus for indulging in small pleasures, such as sending surcharged SMS to play games or vote on a television show. .

With or without commitment?

Blocked plans have the same diversity as traditional mobile plans. In particular, you have the possibility of subscribing to a blocked plan without commitment, which you can therefore cancel at any time and free of charge if you find it more interesting elsewhere or if you believe that your teenager is ready to use his smartphone responsibly.

Conversely, do not hesitate to take an interest in packages including a telephone, with commitments that are spread over 12 or 24 months. The bitter pill of the blocked plan may be easier for your child to swallow with a nice smartphone in compensation!