Whether it is a question of limiting your child’s excesses or quite simply of keeping your budget under control, a prepaid offer has many advantages to promote… provided you understand how it works!


What is a prepaid offer?

A prepaid offer differs from the subscription principle. As its name suggests, purchasing an offer of this type allows you to pay in advance for a certain amount of communication, unlike the flat rate subscription for which you will pay a fixed sum every month.

However, prepaid offers offer access to the same services as mobile plans, including telephone calls, SMS and 4G mobile internet.

How does a prepaid offer work?

Once your SIM card has been purchased and installed in your mobile, you benefit (with some exceptions) from an included credit which allows you to communicate immediately. It is then impossible to exceed the granted volume. Once the credit included is exhausted, all you have to do is top up according to your needs and your budget at the time.

Today there are several types of prepaid top-ups available from operators, including for example: so-called “classic” top-ups (for those who call very occasionally), so-called “unlimited” top-ups (for those who need to call unlimited), so-called “international” top-ups (for those who need to call internationally at advantageous prices)… Keep in mind, however, that these top-ups have a limited lifespan, which can range from a few days to several month.

The prepaid offer adapts completely to your needs: it’s up to you to choose the type of top-up, the amount and the top-up frequency that suit you best!

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In which cases to opt for a prepaid offer?

The prepaid offer is an obvious choice for all those who fear package overruns and find it difficult to discipline themselves. It stands out in particular as an interesting alternative to blocked plans for parents who want to limit their children’s mobile consumption.

More generally, the prepaid offer is an ideal mode of consumption for all those who are looking for a certain flexibility in their use of the mobile telephone: this may in particular be a matter of people with very moderate needs and who do not therefore do not want to overpay for a package.