Mobile telephony: contesting an invoice

Mobile telephony: contesting an invoice

What to do in case of disagreement on his telephone bill? What to do in case of disagreement on his telephone bill?After a stay abroad, you notice billing outside the package due to the use of the Internet while on the move during the holidays. Is it possible to dispute this billing that you do not understand?

When you use your telephone abroad (outside the European Union), the consumption made (calls, SMS, 3G, 4G) is not included in your plan and will therefore lead to additional billing called “roaming”.
It is common for smartphones to connect by default to the mobile internet in order to check for new emails or to update themselves. To avoid consumption by default, it is therefore prudent to disconnect this function.

If the out-of-bundle billing corresponds to consumption actually made via your mobile phone, your complaint will very often be rejected by your operator.

Before going abroad with your mobile phone, find out from your operator about the roaming cost applicable to the country you are going to.

Since June 1, 2017, any overcharging while roaming in the territory of the European Union is prohibited. This prohibition concerns in particular calls, SMS/MMS but not mobile Internet. This is why please check with your operator to find out what share of your data can be used in the EU without falling into the out-of-bundle. For example, if your package includes 20 gigabytes of internet every month, your operator may only provide 5 that can be used from abroad.

Your telephone subscription normally costs €39.90. But this month the invoice amounted to 50 €, what to do?

Invoicing must comply with the pricing conditions of your contract.
If your invoice is higher than the expected amount, check that it does not relate to more than one month (for example the pro rata of the month of subscription) and that it does not include costs provided for in the contract or invoicing outside the package.

If after checking the details of your invoice you do not understand the amounts invoiced, it is then necessary to ask your operator for justification.