Mobile phone claim: how does it work?

Mobile phone claim: how does it work?

A laptop on the ground, in the water or stolen, and that’s the tragedy! Unless you have effective mobile insurance. In this case, there is only one thing left for you to do: send in your mobile phone claim . This may sound complicated, but don’t panic. You will first need to gather some documents such as the invoice, and the serial number of the phone. Let’s take a look at the claims procedure. 

How do I report my claim?

First of all, two important points: in the event of a claim ( broken or oxidized laptop), do not try to repair it yourself! The device will no longer be covered. Leave it as it is, even if you know the solutions to save a phone that has fallen into the water . Then, you have 5 working days from the discovery of the claim to declare it. 

To do this, here are the documents to provide to your insurer: 

mobile purchase invoice 

the serial number of the device 

your ID

In the event of theft, you must also provide: 

the original of the complaint 

the receipt of the complaint 

written confirmation of the opposition from your operator 

In some cases, you may be asked for additional documents for the analysis of your file, such as a photo of the device. 

Good to know

It is normal to react quickly in case of theft . However, take the time to check certain points in your procedures. The filing of a complaint must mention specific information: the theft, its circumstances and the references of the insured device (brand, model, IMEI number). Make sure everything is well-informed before leaving the police station.

My claim took place abroad: what are the steps? 

Some insurers may limit coverage to the European Union. Find out beforehand, when taking out the contract, to find out the geographical limits of your contract. At Carrefour Assurance, whether the damage to your telephone took place in France or anywhere in the world, it does not change anything for breakage and oxidation. In the event of theft, you must file a complaint in the country where the crime took place. For your insurance, then bring the original of the complaint and its receipt.My claim took place abroad: what are the steps?

Good to know

Please note that you are subject to a waiting period of 31 days for devices purchased before the date of subscription of your contract with Carrefour Assurance. On the other hand, for devices purchased on the same day of subscription, or after, do not worry: they are covered immediately.

How does compensation for my mobile phone work?

That’s it, you have sent all the papers as well as your declaration of loss, and you are wondering how the compensation will take place. It’s simple, there are three different scenarios, depending on the type of device and the nature of the damage: 

– repairing the device: if the smartphone can be repaired, Carrefour Assurance pays for its repair. It will be done by a professional. The average delay is 72 hours.

 – replacement of the device: in the event of theft or inability to repair the telephone, a replacement mobile phone will be provided to you. 

– compensation in the form of a Carrefour purchase voucher: the insurer provides the subscriber with a purchase voucher enabling the insured device to be replaced in one of the brand’s stores, in mainland France. The value of the voucher corresponds to the replacement value of the phone on the day of the claim. Once your request has been made, you will receive the voucher within a maximum of 8 days. You can also request a transfer. 

What are the cases where I am not compensated?

In some cases, your contract does not provide for any compensation.

– The intentional fault of the insured or of any person around him (spouse, child). If your spouse voluntarily throws the phone on the ground, or if your child has fun jumping on it, mobile insurance does not work. 

– Cosmetic damage that does not affect the proper functioning of the device. Scratches, chips and scratches are therefore not covered.

– The loss. If you forget your smartphone on the train, the insurance cannot cover it. 

– The breakdown. For example, if your phone no longer works overnight, without apparent damage and without any loss, you must contact the phone’s manufacturer: the manufacturer’s warranty may cover repairs, but not the assurance. 

– Devices with invisible or altered serial numbers. Without serial number, no compensation possible. 


Insure your device before it’s too late 

To make your insurance work, you still need to have one. Subscribing to mobile insurance is indeed very useful in the event of breakage, theft or oxidation of your mobile phone! Carrefour Assurance offers multi-nomadic insurance , to insure your nomadic electronic devices wherever you are.