How to print documents from your Android tablet?

How to print documents from your Android tablet?

Your tablet is your new right arm! You use it for everything, and it’s even taken over your laptop. The only thing you lack in all its functionality: the ability to print documents. Good news, plugins and applications have been developed on Android to allow you to launch prints directly from your tablet! Carrefour Assurance explains how to proceed.

Connect your tablet to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printer

If you have a recent printer with Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth wireless functionality , it is very easy and quick to manage printing directly from your Android tablet. No need to own a specific printer: a machine with the wireless function and the installation of a plug-in are sufficient.

Install the dedicated printer application

Most of the leading printer manufacturers on the market (Canon, Brother, HP, etc.) offer a free application, compatible with iOS and Android , with their connected printer models. To use your machine from your Android tablet, follow these steps.

To get started, go to the Play Store and download the app for your printer brand;

Once the download is successful, click on the notification that appears and that offers you to activate the module (this step is important for your printer to be recognized);

For the connection to work, it is essential that your printer and your Android tablet are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, or that Bluetooth is activated on both devices if the option is available;

To print a document , simply click on the three small dots at the top right and select the “Print” tab, then select the printer on which you want to print.


Use Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print revolutionizes mobile printing and lets you print from your tablet to any cloud-connected printer. A very practical solution! First, the devices do not need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. In addition, this function allows you to print remotely on any connected device. Using this application simply requires the creation of a Google account and the use of the Chrome browser. To configure your printer, you must first register it from the Google Cloud Print service .

Here’s how to use Google Print:

On your Android tablet, go to the “Settings” or “Parameters” tab > Device connection > Printing 

The Google Play Store is displayed: select Cloud Print and install the application;

Choose the document or web page to print and click on the three dots at the top right;

In the “Share” tab, press “Print”;

Select the printer to use and press the icon.


Connect your printer to a USB cable

Do you have an old printer model without connected functions? No worries, you still have the option of printing directly from your Android digital tablet, by following this tutorial.

Take a USB OTG cable (On-The-Go: this is a cable that plugs into your mobile device and allows you to connect peripherals via USB) and a conventional USB cable;

Download the plug-in from Google Play corresponding to your printer brand, and install it on your Android tablet;

Connect your two devices via the USB OTG cable: use your traditional USB cable to connect the printer to the USB end of the USB OTG cable and plug the micro-USB OTG connector into the micro-USB port of your Android tablet;

During this step, a window appears: you must click “Ok” to confirm activation;

Print your documents or web pages by clicking on the three dots at the top right.


Did you know ? 

No need for a printer-scanner to digitize your documents! Thanks to your Android tablet, you can also digitize your files. Use Google Drive and the “scan” option that works with the camera. Documents are cropped and converted to PDF to form complete files. Your Android tablet can replace different devices: if it is able to replace a scanner, it can also serve as a second screen for your PC . 

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