Does my home insurance cover my cell phone?

Does my home insurance cover my cell phone?

Mobile insurance, home, civil liability… are you having trouble seeing clearly in your guarantees? Not easy to know if your mobile phone is covered by your mandatory contracts. One thing is certain: your home insurance does not protect your mobile in all situations. Clarification.

When does my home insurance cover my smartphone?


What are the guarantees of my contract vis-à-vis my mobile?

As its name suggests, home insurance covers all claims that occur in your home. Thus, if your mobile phone has been damaged at home, during a fire , a water leak or a climatic event such as a storm, it will be covered by your contract, thanks to the broken phone guarantee . If your mobile suffers damage outside the home, on the other hand (in transport, at the office, etc.), the contract will not cover the damage suffered.

Same observation for theft: in case of burglary at home, you are insured. On the other hand, if you want to be covered outside the home, you will need to take out separate mobile phone insurance .

What does civil liability say?

As you probably know, your home insurance must include civil liability cover . It is the latter that comes into play if you cause damage to a third party. Therefore, if an identified person breaks your mobile phone accidentally, his civil liability may cover the damage suffered. Please note: this guarantee does not apply if a relative living under the same roof is the cause of the broken phone .

Good to know

In the event that a professional breaks your smartphone during the performance of his duties, another guarantee comes into play: professional civil liability . So, if a plumber damages your latest high-tech jewel, don’t panic: his insurance must also take over to compensate you.

What devices are covered by my insurance?

Your home insurance protects your household appliances, your smartphone in some cases, but also other devices. Thus, your tablet, your laptop or your game console are also covered if they are damaged in your home: the same conditions as for the smartphone generally apply. Just be sure to check the compensation ceiling provided for in your home contract, and the deductible : if you have several high-end high-tech appliances, you will have to raise the ceiling of your breakage guarantee , to be compensated up to their value.


In which cases does my insurance not cover my mobile?

Several situations are not taken into account either in your home insurance or in the civil liability of a third party:

– In the event of a stolen or damaged smartphone outside the home , your contract will not cover the claim.

– In case of accidental breakage , same punishment. If you or someone else in your household breaks the screen of your phone, for example, you will not be compensated.

– Likewise, if the damage is caused (even accidentally) by your car, your pets, or your children.

– Finally, the conditions of your home contract do not cover damage related to the oxidation of your electronic devices.


What is cell phone insurance good for?

You will have understood: your housing contract is not everything. To be sure of being compensated, whatever the circumstances, it is important to take out mobile insurance. Thus, you are covered in the event of breakage or theft suffered even outside the home. Even in the event of oxidation, your insurer protects you. The ideal is to take out mobile device insurance to protect your mobile electronic objects (laptop, tablet, etc.) with a single contract. Easy, right?