Number portability is a procedure that is now widely accepted, and which allows you to keep your telephone number even if you change operator. Here is everything you need to know about this particularly simple and quick process.

Why request number portability?

Telephone number portability consists in keeping the same number after a change of operator. You are thus free to select the most advantageous formula and the most adapted to your needs while having the assurance of keeping the number to which you and your contacts are accustomed. This possibility is open not only for a mobile line (mobile number portability or “PNM”) but also for a fixed telephone line associated with an ADSL or fiber box formula, for example.

By choosing to keep their number portable, a user avoids involuntarily losing a precious contact. He also saves himself some tedious chores, such as changing his telephone details with different interlocutors (bank, energy, water, various service providers, etc.).

How to change operator without changing number?

Number portability requires almost no action on your part, since the transfer formalities will be entirely taken care of by your new operator. Your only obligation is to provide the new operator with the “RIO number” of the line, which will be used to identify it precisely. The RIO can be obtained by simple phone call (3179) on a voice answering machine.

Once the RIO number is in your possession, all you have to do is subscribe to your new plan with the operator of your choice. Note that there is a minimum period of three days for number portability to take effect. You can of course also request that it be done at a later date of your choice, if that suits you more. You will then receive a text message confirming the date and time when the number porting will become effective.

What are the costs associated with number portability?

The transfer of your mobile or landline number to your new operator is a completely free procedure. The old operator does not have the right to charge you for this process.

This does not, of course, exempt you from any other costs related to the termination of your previous plan. Thus, for example, you will be liable for 25% of the monthly payments due between the thirteenth and twenty-fourth month if you had committed to two years with your former mobile operator. For fixed Internet, termination fees of around fifty euros are to be expected, but will often be borne by your new operator.