With a download speed that easily exceeds 100 Mbits/s, optical fiber will quickly become your best friend once it has found its place in your home. But how can you benefit from a fiber connection?

Am I eligible for fiber?

To benefit from fiber optics, the first step is to check that your home is located in a covered area. The deployment of fiber optics, initiated in the France Very High Speed ​​Plan, will make it possible to increase the number of towns and villages concerned in the years to come, but access to a fiber subscription is still reserved for a minority of lucky winners.

Are you part of it? Many websites allow you to determine in a few clicks whether you are eligible for very high speed right now. Fill in your address, postcode and/or landline number to get an instant diagnosis.

How do I choose my fiber subscription?

Several types of fiber optic connections currently coexist on the market.

Some major operators favor fiber optic technology connected to the home: this is the principle of FTTH, or “Fiber to the Home”. In this configuration, the network is fiber end-to-end and offers the best performance in terms of throughput and connection stability. The deployment of FTTH is however gradual and still quite marginal.

The other technology consists in deploying the fiber to the optical node of the district, then to connect each dwelling via a coaxial cable. This is the principle of FTTLA, or “Fiber to the Last Amplifier”. FTTLA has the advantage of being much more widespread than FTTH today. This is the technology favored by La Poste Mobile and you can immediately take the eligibility test by clicking here:

How is the fiber optic installation going?

If you are installing fiber for the first time in your home, the intervention of a technician from the operator will be required to install a fiber optic socket inside your home. This socket must then be connected to the technical rooms of the building (in the case of an apartment) or to the box located on the edge of a public road (in the case of a single-family house). Depending on the case, the operators can charge you connection fees (overhead or underground) or carry out the operation free of charge if the length of the cable is short.

Once the connections have been made, all you have to do is plug in the equipment provided (box, TV decoder, telephone, etc.) and enjoy your new boosted speed!